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06-06-2013, 09:41 PM
Yes, there's only one embassy so far, which is with the Romulans, through your fleet. That's where the ultra rare sci consoles come from. All of the Romulan Plasma energy weapons are through Rom rep, as is the Hyper Plasma torp, while the Kinetic Cutting Beam (KCB) and Omega torp are through Omega rep. Incidentally, the KCB is superb for nearly any build, it has the arc of a turret but with more firepower and when combined with the Assimilated Module has a chance to eliminate weapon energy drain for a few seconds.

I'd like to point out also that an AtB build doesn't have to be so different. With your Ody you could easily set up something like this:

TT1, FAW2 (or CSV2)
TS1 (or swap to sci)
EPtS1, AtB1, ET3, RSP3
EPtW1, AtB1, EWP1


That will be fairly solid, a little weak on survivability (ET is hard to use, RSP has a long CD, and the sci heals suffer from low Aux, but that is somewhat countered by the greatly reduced CDs on everything), but not too bad, and decent on firepower. The idea is to cycle all 4 of those low level eng abilities, leave your Aux setting very low (or set it extremely high so it's continuously recovering, but I don't know how well that works), and you get the benefits of a dragon build plus a major CD reduction on everything (30% every 10 seconds, so RSP will be at 1 min, TSS, HE, and EPtX at 30 seconds, XT, FAW, and TS at ~20). EWP could be replaced with another support power, and you could drop ET if you feel confident in doing that, that's your choice, as are the levels of most of the powers, with the exceptions of TT and both EPtX (nothing to put where the EPtX is, and high level TT is a waste of a slot).