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Originally Posted by raventomoe View Post
So, I figured with the new content to delete my old Klingon and build a new one learning from the mistakes and get a try on the new content...yeah.... I came to the space portion of this mission.

Now keep in mind, maybe I am messing it up or something...but here I go anyways.

1. Optional Objective: You are asking me to keep a B'rel full of Klingon Redshirts alive...would of been better with at least a D7 Cruiser.

2. Enemy numbers: Dear god! The only positive is the lack of Raptors this time around. O_O Can we lower the numbers or at least ad a few Martok cruisers and more BoPs to back us up?

3. Reward: I called attention to it before and I will are giving away the same BOff in this mission that was the reward in Bringing Down The House...

And finally, the thing making me post this.

4. The Freighters: I am finding these things outrunning my B'rel and even sensing me coming when I am even cloaked. WHAT THE HECK!

Now, I can't be the only one with issues in this mission and really, I won't be playing it again till I hear it is fixed.

EDIT: I do love the new content to the game and think you did an overall good job but this mission needs to get fixed. As it is now, I find it unplayable.
Ugh I know right? I used to always skip this mission as I went in and died fast then I came to the freighters late and what do you know they disappeared! little buggers are like flies that you just cant swat. Then of course the spawn point is so dang far from the action. to top it all off your allies are totally useless and sit around while the other ships pummel you further down the line.

To compare I always found the missions after this much easier/enjoyable. of course until the stupid help the federation beat your people missions. Finally i beat it on my joined trill recently, but I sent her all the best stuff from my Orion (who doesnt care about house politics anyway so )
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