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Forgive me if im repeating, this thread has so many pages, but hey count them as more votes lol.

Costumes I want:

Add me in for tellerite and Andorian outfits
Robes for boffs
The pilot uniforms with the thick collars
The short sleeved skirted TNG uniforms they got rid of but troi wore in the first episode.
(prob cant get the rights but) the Abrams trek uniforms for girls. hey I like short sleeves its cute and makes me feel less mean when my crew has to go to vulcan or some broily lava place
some kind of like cargo freighter uniform like the one you had in the yesterdays enterprise mission. I just thought that was cool dont ask me why and was hoping it'd be part of the reward.
I think it may come in a pack somewhere but the Ferengi clothes like what Quark wears.

Vina's outfit from the pilot

Romulan republic:
Ability for boffs to wear rom uniforms

Alien creation options:
Talaxian Eyebrows
some kind of wing (non functioning of course) I know its not in the show but its creative for a unique alien
Suliban Skin

A cool new Mirror uniform for the modern era like I guess a skimpier version of the basic uniforms for the girls like in every single mirror universe contact outside of ds9 in st.
WANTED ZINO- Orion princess.
For kidnapping, slave trafficking, illegal trading, lewd behavior, grand theft, rigging games of chance, espionage, trading of illicit goods, disruption of diplomatic procedures, disturbance of peace, flying shuttles while intoxicated, racketeering, Blackmail, arson, assault, and dancing seductively on counter tops without a license.

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