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06-06-2013, 11:31 PM
-Constellation Class
-as a reward for something Botany Bay (could be a pet like phoenix or whatevs)
-Alternate hull for the Excelsior class that looks like the strange looking one in the battle of Wolf 359
-better bridge options for rewarded species ships that go with them.

unique bridges for the Orion Nausicaan and gorn ships

Rewarded ship suggestions etc: (forgive me if they already made them I'm not familliar with ALL the rewarded non c-store ships)
Suliban Cell Ship
Captured Hirogen Ship
Kazon Ship
Talaxian Ship
WANTED ZINO- Orion princess.
For kidnapping, slave trafficking, illegal trading, lewd behavior, grand theft, rigging games of chance, espionage, trading of illicit goods, disruption of diplomatic procedures, disturbance of peace, flying shuttles while intoxicated, racketeering, Blackmail, arson, assault, and dancing seductively on counter tops without a license.