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I have been playing this game for WELL over a year now; I have purchased extra character slots and have made all four of my characters level 40 or above. When the Romulan Legacy Pack arrived, I shelled out $124.99 for it. Then, Perfect World decided to not give me the character slot that comes with it saying I already had it. Then they tried to tell me I had too many INCLUDING the new one, and that there is no record of a past purchase. I have purchased TOS packs and a bunch of other things as well. So... now I am locked in battle with a bunch of GM's who are unable or unwilling to solve this matter. If there was a way to get extra slots without paying for them, it's news to me.

Anyway, I am telling anyone who will listen that PERFECT WORLD is a dishonest company and WILL cheat players without any scruples about it at all.

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Edit: The Legacy Pack does not come with a character slot. I also already replied to your concern here: -Brandon

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