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06-07-2013, 07:55 AM
Man, I will have to have fun and just guess here. I would want to go with the title The Dark Knight but can't now. I love the title of the new Superman, Man Of Steel. I will think about the title.

As far as the story, the new Batman Arkham game coming out is a good story plot and beggining for him. His origin is established, I wont do that again. What i want to do is create the next Batman that can fit into the world of Man Of Steel and the Justice League.

1. I would like the villain to be one never used before, in a live action movie. Black Mask from the upcoming game would be my choice. In this movie I would create his entire origin. Batman already exists and has already faced the likes of Joker, riddler, two-face, etc. By the way, I would keep the aspect of two-face from the nolan movies intact, joker as well.

2. The new game can work in a movie. Lets make assassins come after Batman like in the game. This will give the chance to show off different characters in the DC universe, staying true to the Batman story, building on a future JL movie, and will give you the viewer that for once, Batman is not in control of his life.

3. Deathstroke would be cool to show. Black Mask can have villains broke out of arkham asylum. So now Batman will face off against some of the greats in one movie. Other villains will vanish to come back another day.

4. Make Luthor Corp an entity in this movie. Also Queen Industries. Creating that universe.

5. Batman is still a dark, mysterious figure that people, including Gordon, wishes to see arrested until the end of this movie.

6. At the end of this movie show something, on tv news maybe, about metropolis. Show a scene or two from the man of steel on the tv like its happening right then. Just to acknowledge that in this Batman universe, Superman exists, ie ALIENS!

7. No love interest in this movie for Batman. Only girls, girls, girls. He is a million dollar playboy! Also, he has severe issues with relationships and commitment due to his well established past.

8. Add the character Thomas Elliot "Hush". I want this to evolve over the trilogy.

So thats my first batman movie reboot, He stops Black mask in the end but the damage is done to the city and the world. Some of the villains let loose are going to be villains for other heroes, such as flash, green arrow, superman, wonder woman. These villains let loose, while not mentioning the heroes associated to them, tells you they are out there or they will be soon enough.

Heck... Im gonna call it The Dark Knight

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