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Originally Posted by sterlingwarbird View Post
The issue is that in a cruiser, the defense bonus is pretty much negated and there is no real point to moving. I assure you that even with the elusive trait, my cruiser still can get hit 99% of time.

Since escorts have the advantage of not being hit due to insane defense bonuses, doesn't it reason that cruisers should have much more hull and shield resistance then they currently do, something built into them like an innate 20% resistance to all weapons and kinetics?

Or better yet, have a passive which cancels out transphasic procs? To make them much more durable and competitive on the battlefield. I would love to hear any other ideas on improving cruiser pvp? Or tips on the best way to survive BoP and escort Alphas because nothing I do seems to work well EXCEPT RSP.

So instead of slagging me Klinks... how about some advice...

I have x2 Acc Fleet Weapons, the Tholian 10% beam accuracy Console and the Accurate trait and I still RARELY hit escorts... so please... impart your wisdom because I'm obviously doing something wrong here...
That isn't true. Flat out plain just not true. Absolutely wrong. But yes, if you just don't move you can be hit 100% of the time. So I guess your 99% figure is wrong also.

Yes you're doing something wrong. Yes I've posted on this extensively. No I'm not going to beat this to death again. Search for the threads on Acc vs Def.

You could go watch the videos on it if you want. If you don't want or feel like saying "oh that won't work" even when you see it working I don't know what to say.

And if you refuse all of that here's some numbers. You can ALWAYS get 100% hit rate on any opposing ship for some moments in the game. (and that's all you need thanks to how the game works). You can never go BELOW 25% hit rate, and it is unlikely that you will ever see hit rates that poor in the game. The crappiest you will most likely see will be around 50%. Depends on who you're facing, and for how long.

Cheers and happy flying.

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