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Originally Posted by sterlingwarbird View Post
I have a suggestion, my Fleet has been playing around with tweaking Rear Admiral ships to maximize in PvP against each other and we've discovered a whole new realm of fun in taking old or "obsolete" ships now and kitting them out to do battle against each other.

I did strike me thinking that we could ask Cryptic to put this in the game as another "mode" to PvP. This mode would have some pretty cool rules to help balance out PvP and would not affect "normal" PvP or PvE in the slightest but would appeal to fans of the original game, pre-F2P.

These are the rules...

- No Lockbox ships, equipment or consoles
- No Fleet equipment, weapons or consoles or Ships
- Rear Admiral or C-Store Vice Admiral (Gen 1) Ships Only

(C-Store Gen 1 Ships are as follows
- Intrepid-R
- Galaxy-R
- Defiant-R
- Akira Carrier
- Atrox Carrier
- Vulcan D'Kyr
- Excelsior-R
- Nebula-R
- MVAM Prometheus
- Dreadnought Cruiser
(and Klingon and Romulan equivalents of those ships)

- No Reputation Abilites (Unfortunately, nothing can be done about the passives but they are not game breaking)

This mode would allow players to enjoy a taste of "old skool" STO PvP and would make ships like the Intrepid-R and Galaxy-R which are considered "obsolete" in the game at the moment relevant again. It would also make PvP more accessible to new players that don't have lockbox ships, weapons and fleet equipment.

I believe this would benefit PvP on the whole and make the game more accessible for others without damaging the "original" PvP mode. It would also allow players to kit out another ship and have fun with some of the older vessels of STO as well.

Anyone else have any other ideas?

On a side note, My Fleet has been trying to organise "Vanilla" Tournaments in STO to try and appeal to classic players who enjoyed the old PvP. So if you are interested, send me a PM or something.
I can think of 1 Addition & 1 Rule right now that would improve PVP for a lot of people. You can keep your big long list lol.

....Add a Lone Wolf PVP Queue. As in a PVP option for the single player that does not allow Pre-made groups to join the same Queue....

That would likely bring some balance.

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