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06-07-2013, 12:01 PM
While I'm not a PvPer, I do try to follow PvP threads here in the General discussion because of how they might effect my PvE game. Don't bother trying to argue that PvP doesn't effect PvE or that even if it did it really wouldn't matter because PvE = EZmode.

On observation, based both on the postings here and in general regarding PvP, I see quite a lot of ideas put forth where the individual poster wants other PvPers to conform to this way or that way in which the PvPer posting views PvP to be most enjoyable.

Why not form some sort of Vanilla PvP league where you set down the rules regarding character and ship makeup. This would then provide PvPers the option of participating within the confines of the rules. The core founding group can decide on the details of the rules and then make them public. You could ask for donations to participate in the competition and those donations could go towards rewards.

It is easier to provide options for players so that they can decide and choose to participate than it is to try to force them all into one certain set of rules.