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06-07-2013, 12:41 PM
hawkwing43, great suggestion. Though I don't know if I want to name it that based solely to show its a different verison from Nolan's Batman trilogy.

But with the sequal and middle movie of my trilogy, I am going to continue to tie this batman into the DC universe as a whole to prepare for the Justice League movie in the future. But in this one, I want to dig deeper into the mythology of the Batman. I want to explore the emergeance of Robin. I want to bring him in now for a something big in part 3. Since the Robin wanting vengeance for the death of his parents and Batman dealing with that has been done, instead....

1. Since the release of the villains from Arkham, the rising of an alien (Superman), in Metropolis, and the ever changing world, Bruce Wayne is going to decide he needs a sidekick. Bruce will find **** Grayson as a homeless orphan. Not knowing this will be the one to take the place next to him, Bruce begins to raise the young man and of course eventually learns that this young man has what it takes.

2. Hugo Strange will be the main villain in the movie. Strange will discover Batmans identity. The Gotham police hires him to find Batman and bring him down, along with other villains out there but Strange gets obsesed with Batman. Strange creates super strong criminals that Batman and soon Robin has to fight together.

3. I want Harley Quinn in this movie too. She will work at Arkham, with Strange but she gets obsessed with the Joker. We will see her transform and get seduced by the Joker. She will be the Harley kind of like from the new 52 comics.

I will finish this thought later...... I need to edit my first idea!