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06-07-2013, 02:34 PM
Sethketa, for the torpedo I would recommend either quantum (higher base damage) or "to flavor" (Harg'peng, RR transphasic, romulan plasma, tricobalt, etc). I would avoid "regular" torpedoes, like photon or plasma, they just don't seem to have the punch that quantums or special types have.

I personally use quantums.

And yes, 3 DHC+torp with 2 turrets and a KCB seems to be a popular choice, and for good reason. I've also seen people replace the torp with a DBB, or one of the DHC with a DBB, I feel its really personal choice. note that with only DHC's (no torp or DBB) you run the risk of running out of tac BOFF abilities, depending on the ship, unless you want to fill out the Lt Cmdr and Cmdr slots with attack patterns (which is also viable!)

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