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06-07-2013, 03:28 PM
Originally Posted by thezoo69 View Post
I don't see any conflict or forced conformity in adding 1 more PVP Queue option for players who can't get a group together a particular night and don't want to go up against a fully coordinated pre-made group.

It's an extra option for flexible game play, which would likely encourage more PVP. Are you against choice? Otherwise I'm unsure of what you are arguing against.

Zoo (D'Zoo)
It would not be right or fair for Cryptic to create a public event with private rules. By "private rules" I mean creating any sort of PvP match where the player is limited in using what game assets, attributes or abilities that they might have acquired for their character. Public events should allow you to use any game assets or abilities acquired in game. By public I mean an event queue where any player logged in can queue up for it.

It would be fair or right for players to coordinate and create a private event with private rules. Then you can isolate or dictate what is acceptable ship or stats-wise to participate in the event. You can then enforce your desired choice of how you would like to PvP.

Yes, I am all for choice and having more options to choose from in a game is a wonderful thing.