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To the OP, I think you have a great general concept here. I do think, however, that fleet ships should be included in the eligible list. I'm not sure it makes sense to allow certain C-store ships in but not fleet ships. I understand this is going more towards what you and your fleet friends are into, but to appeal to a wider audience more ships should be allowed. Of course if you're able to make your own private queues then by all means do as you wish but for a public queue I think too much restriction is limiting.
Also, paying to make this happen seems very reasonable to me. Something like silver players can pay 500 zen one time for unlimited access and gold members get access as part of sub could work.
The whole pay to win thing is definitely starting to frustrate me and I really do want to enjoy PVP. But the complete lack of balance and power creep is killing things. Especially for new players coming in to PVP for the first time.