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Originally Posted by sterlingwarbird View Post
You think that the Federation is not the same? After all, someone on this very board commented that Federation console powers are crap compared to the Klingon ones, probably because they are more tactically orientated. I both fanbases should be demanding better quality from Cryptic and not attacking each other for things that neither can really control.
We where told when the KDF consoles where released that all the consoles of both faction s would be made availible eventually.
I do not see how the feds have suffered in the console debate. I do not see how the KDF has been robbed of what was never thiers to keep.
I merely dislike the many threads of gloat that often pop up when some feds wave thier new acquisition and the responding KDF old hate it causes in response.
I will never deny that we KDF, as a fanbase, has suffered in the years past until recently.
It may be over but it is not forgotten, nor is it anchor to hold the KDF back from moving forward.
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