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06-07-2013, 09:36 PM
Just deleted the entire cache folder and it not only speed up my loading but got rid of the shader error as well, perhaps the devs updated the shaders and game still tried to use the cache and it was generating errors. I have also noticed soft particles also causes more glitches than its worth (esp since it drops performance), including stuffing up earths atmosphere at certain angles and causing AA to draw a huge ugly border around stuff in certain areas. (Edit: oops my bad nothing to do with AA, thought it was, but a perfect place to see the effects of the border is in the shiny nebula to the left orbiting earth (as in place your ship in it)).

Edit (a few weeks after): actually I am not sure that it got rid of the shader error since doing the same thing on tribble (with the cache folder) didn't fix it, perhaps I was confused between the two at the time.

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