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Originally Posted by vegie0 View Post
Theres wisdom in those words, and the adversity of the fighting such an uneven battle is what made a great many KDF into very deadly predators. I personaly gained most of my usefullness from fighting the players that had the MACO shield when it first came out. In which it caused a 90% resist and thus made the player all but immortal. Killing those people make me think on how to make myself last long enough, and Surge kill thru such blatently OP shields. But you are correct, even with the Leech feds do not seem any more menacing. As I notice no real difference in their Pew.

Lets now talk about the Cruiser issue.

Now a lot of this seems to be more Tac escort based hate as opposed to Escort hate. So let me tell you a few things, my Sci rocking all Mk XII purple Flow caps rips shields off bugs like nobodys buisness. Which the other CRUISERS around me see happening, and they procede to unleash hell upon him. So thats one cruiser (Wells) that seems useful, as for others. I have seen very deadly cruisers, both in Sustained DPS, and even Spike DPS (not many of these). And on the other thread where I was discussing a D'Dex build the discussion of certain skills, which are basically exclusive to Cruisers, were considered OP by some players. (probably escorts with no or very little heals)

So please if you get the chance read some of the material on Cruisers in this forum, there are some amazing builds here.
Ah... well... actually its SCI Escorts which are horrible but in a kinda cool way