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Originally Posted by felixhex View Post
2. Hugo Strange will be the main villain in the movie. Strange will discover Batmans identity. The Gotham police hires him to find Batman and bring him down, along with other villains out
I understand why you suggest Hugo discover Batman's identity, but before the end sequence of the last trilogy, Ras Al Goul, Lucius Fox, Bane, Talia, and Catwoman had all learned Batman's secret identity. I might be forgetting someone. That's not even counting the villains from the first set of movies, like Riddler and Two-Face.

To add to that list in yet another movie series, would subtly suggest DC doesn't feel the Bat can cover the basics of his job. As the old joke goes, "he's the freakin' Batman". I'd find it of greater appeal to see a villain come extremely close to learning the identity, only to be foiled spectacularly by some pre-planned arrangement by Bats.