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A cat is basically a very affectionate animal to things it trusts and loves. While rubbing and bumping its head does scent you with glands to show ownership of something or someone very important to it, for a person to recieve this is basically the best honor they can dispose upon you, as it shows trust and true affection. The fact that they would be comfortable enough around you to leave themselves vulnerable, like a cat/kitten falling asleep in your arms or hand, is a sign that you have won thier heart. But also its how they get you up ^^ If they bump and purr, thats a cat trying to be as sweet as possible to wake you up, or get food, attention, etc. Because in the cat world, head bumping between 2 cats is a way to passify each other.

...but if your cat wakes you like "Simons Cat" does, then theres probably not much between you. XD
True most of the headbuts were in the morning after he couldn't wake my wife up to feed him, but he also would sit on the top of the couch by my head and headbut me and lick my ear so I guess he liked me too.

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