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Originally Posted by otisnoble View Post
Does homogenized lowfat milk really give kittens gas?
Every creature is designed to be nurtured by the milk of its own species, just like a cows milk wouldnt digest well in a human babys stomach, milk from an outside source, processed and who knows what else, isnt healthy for a kitten. Thier digestion system will not be able to break it down correctly and yes, there will be gas, bloating and a real difficult time for it. if thier is no avaiable mother to nurse it, certain special formulas can do, that can emulate the specific neutrients and fat content the kitten needs, but not being natural there still will be some discomfort digesting.

But as much as the cliche of giving adult cats milk seems natural, it can cause digestive problems for them too. Water will due.

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