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Those are reasons to dislike someone, to fight. (Though I completely missed the Fed-destroys-Klingon-fleet thing. If that were the case, shouldn't this conflict have started 20 years ago? Got a link?) But what is the long-term strategic objective? IS there an objective? Or is it just "I'm mad at you so I'm going to kill you" ? What is a satisfactory outcome to all of this?
Long term strategic objectives (there are more than 1)

A. recovery of lost territory/prestige IS a legitimate reason to go to war, even in some human societies of long and respected standing.

B. do you want a (formerly friendly) superpower (who've had access to your technical databases for decades, as well as an influence on your culture and economy) on your doorstep run by hostile infiltrators intent on conquering your immediate stellar neighbourhood? If the answer is "Yes" you have a real problem with understanding where your best interests lie. If "no" then welcome to the KDF. The federation's government and Starfleet are under the thumb of foreign infiltrators, hostile foreign infiltrators. it's about removing the Undine.
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