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Originally Posted by xcom43 View Post
As i have said and so did others it is not hardware issue i build my own pc i know when some thing is not right with my rig.And every thing is running perfectly fine it is the game it self that is auto tasking it self out.Every thing else is running fine on my OS system.
I was responding to the original poster. You have not provided enough information.

If your system is halting and giving an error (BSOD in Windows), then you need to post the information. It could be anything from a malfunctioning driver to a corrupted Windows system file.

If your system is simply halting and freezing, turning off, or resting without a BSOD, then it is almost certainly a low level hardware problem. The correct way to diagnose this is to run software-based tests on the components you can and if that fails to find the problem, remove all peripherals from the main motherboard bus and try every permutation of replacing the GPU, RAM, PSU supply, motherboard, and CPU in that order. Until you have done that, you cannot legitimately claim that you are not suffering from a failing hardware component.

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