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Captain Murphy entered the bar. The short yet solidly built man kept his head nearly shaved to cover up the fact that his hairline was receding. The absence of hair made him look slightly older than his 47 years. Since his ship had been taken from him, he had all the time in the world to rub elbows with the rest of Star Fleet's elite. Actually, his ship had not been taken from him. After almost 25 years of service, the USS Olympus was being retired. Murphy had spent the last 6 years as captain of that ship.

Now, he was cooling his heels close to earth as the finishing touches were being placed on his new ship. The USS New Orleans would be be launched from the San Francisco Fleet Yards (in reality, an orbital drydock near earth) and docked at Starbase 1 in a few short days.

The new command meant a lot to Murphy. Not only was Starfleet entrusting one of its newest and most advanced starships to him, but they were giving him command of a starship named after his hometown.

That made him smile. New Orleans was sometimes called an ancient relic. Even in the 25th Century, one could stroll through the French Quarter and hear strains of 20th Century Jazz music. Murphy loved his hometown. He hoped he would do the old city, and the new starship, justice.

The captain bypassed the conversation going on nearby and took a seat at the bar. "I'll have a glass of Chateau Picard," Murphy said. "Your best vintage, please."