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I speak from experience. I WAS one of those bad pilots that had no clue of what I was doing, so I ended up in a cruiser because it was all that would keep me alive during PvE missions. Then I saw what knowledgeable players could do and I set to learning. Back then there wasn't the wealth of information available now. I fly both a tacsort and an engi cruiser extensively and I can tell you with utmost confidence my engi cruiser does not contribute less to group content than my tacscort. I will say that to make a cruiser work is harder than making an escort work, and some cruiser designs are just not suitable at all for the current meta. The galaxy and star cruisers are primary examples of such designs. Hybrid ships are all the rage these days, its why the Ambassador is a better design than the Galaxy or the Star Cruiser.

I understand why it might be frustrating, wanting cruisers to be the battleships but they never were that in the shows or movies, at least not the modern ones. Heck, even the Intrepid was shown as a more combat capable ship than the Galaxy ever was (or the Sovy if we're being fair).

As to your wanting ranges to be a bigger deal... for the little combat we saw in the shows I never got the impression that ships fought artillery duels at range. It was always up close and personal. True, that was done for the audience's benefit but it stands as the way it was done in the shows. In that regard STO feels very much like the larger DS9 battles.

Edit: You also need to realize that all ships need to be roughly equally playable, so making big ships the battle line and everyone else just a support for them doesn't work in a game where all ships are played by people. Before you mention eve keep in mind that in eve getting the resources to GET bigger ships is part of the competitive game, not so in STO.
and its only with the recent season & the introduction of 'grace under fire' that my engies cruisers became less likely to die in an stf than its escorts.
as i have said, it doent take a massive amount of time to figure out what the formulas are in this game, it pisses me off that they are there.
what is the point in half the abilities if your are just gong to be nerfed out of existance, or the ships that use them sidelined?

funny thing about the gal and tadpole... their boff setup works or on a corsair.

again, i dont want the big ships to simply dominate, but as it stands, they are trash. trash that even you are admitting when you admit its harder to make them work than escorts(half of which are cruisers), i want them to have comparable standing through available mechanisms. and shoehornig them into this stupid trinity model is counter productive to that.

unlike other games, thing one allows all ships to carry mk12 gear, so gear cant logically be a reason for one ship being stronger or weaker if they are armed the same way.

its obvious the game mechanically demands a given dps potential, either to offset passive heals, of as i so often reference hold a side of probes in vortex elite

both of these factors make weapon range a natural point in balancing one ship against another.
and to hell with the trinity in that imo.
Figure out and address the players path of least resistance to reward. this one thing is THE consistent factor undermining all your efforts. be that crafting, raids or starbase projects.