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Originally Posted by reld View Post
I don't believe the problem is our rigs. I run several other games without any issue as well, but I run STO, and my AlienWare shutsdown. No notice, bluescreen, or anything else. Screen goes black, and I have to turn power back on.

I play GW2, PWI, WoW, and SWOR without any issues. I can leave PWI, and SWOR logged in overnight without any crashes, or game issues the next day. I can play STO, but for no longer than an hour at the most before it just completely shuts down.

Posting my rig won't help, as I do not believe the issue is with our PC/rigs. A friend of mine who works as a game programmer for World of Tanks has installed the game, and has come up with the same issue. He has told me that it's all about the game programming pulling too much juice on our system, hence causing the spontaneous shutdown. His conclusion comes from testing the game on several rigs, from the minimum requirements listed, to top of the line setups. All yield the same result. Overheating, and game shutdown.

Before the Romulan patch, both my wife, and I played daily. My wife can't even stay logged in for 5 minutes, since the update, before she shuts down.
I'm sorry, but that would be a rig configuration problem and not the game itself. I have run the LoR on top spec pc to under minimum requirements pc and the only issues I have come across are the PSU.
With LoR you need to understand it will pull a little more resources (though on my pc it's only minor to what it pulled from previous versions). That extra power ends up in drawing even more power from your PSU. Two of my computers shut down like you're telling. That was the higher specced pc's running on top resolution.
If you run LoR on high graphic solution on a overspecced pc and your PSU cant follow. This will happen.
I have yet to see the OH people complain about. My CPU runs at 35-45 Degrees Celsius, GPU gets to a stable 60-65 Degrees Celsius on peak performance.