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06-09-2013, 09:57 AM
Originally Posted by dllmmo View Post
I'm sorry, but that would be a rig configuration problem and not the game itself. I have run the LoR on top spec pc to under minimum requirements pc and the only issues I have come across are the PSU.
With LoR you need to understand it will pull a little more resources (though on my pc it's only minor to what it pulled from previous versions). That extra power ends up in drawing even more power from your PSU. Two of my computers shut down like you're telling. That was the higher specced pc's running on top resolution.
If you run LoR on high graphic solution on a overspecced pc and your PSU cant follow. This will happen.
I have yet to see the OH people complain about. My CPU runs at 35-45 Degrees Celsius, GPU gets to a stable 60-65 Degrees Celsius on peak performance.
A lot of people put in peripherals without thinking about the power supply. Even at full speed, my computer rarely draws over 400 watts, but I have a 1200 W power supply so I can upgrade in the future and to ensure I have clean power.

If your drawing nearly 400 Watts a generic 400W power supply won't cut it and a top end 400 W power supply probably will not either. I would suggest the following:

1) Use brand name, high quality, aftermarket power supplies.

2) Ensure they have good air flow.

3) Give yourself 20% overhead for your current system and 50% overhead if you expect that you might add significant new components, especially multiple high end GPU's.

4) If you build your own PC's or are a hard-core power user, buy an 800W+ power supply with a lifetime warranty and you should be able to use it at least for the next 10 years. It is cheaper than replacing burned out cheaper units or damaged hardware.

5) You can often estimate your power usage by using an UPS or watt meter to determine how much power you draw from AC. Now remember, some of this is lost as heat, but you need overhead anyway. Take this number while running at full throttle (~100% CPU and GPU usage) to determine your needs, or use an online calculator. Always give yourself wiggle room since, even though your computer may only draw 350 Watts, a 400 Watt power supply might not be able to deliver enough power on the rail a high end GPU uses and it could cause problems.