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Originally Posted by latiasracer View Post
It'd help if you knew what ship you want...

If you are thinking of a Zstore ship, I'd pick :

Tax powers - Regent
Pure tankiness - Oddy
Sci powers : Eng Vesta

If your thinking a tanky ship, Go with the MACO SET.
If you want survivability, I'd recommend the Borg set, as the 2 set bonus provides good regeneration ability, and the three piece set bonus provides a energy sapping tractor beam.

This is my personal build for a engi cruisers, it works quite well for PVE

Deftlect : adapted Borg mkxii
Engine : adapted Borg mkxii
Shield : MACO Mk xii

For weapons :Torp, DBB, Beam array, Beam array
Aft weapons : Torp/mines, Beam array, Beam array, Beam array.

Engi consoles : Armour/Power boosters/RCS (I personally use a combination)
Sci : Special consoles/Shield boosting consoles
Tac : Just fill it with whatever console boosts the energy type of beams you chose to using

Oh, and I'd definitely reccomend choosing the "Grace under fire" perk!
i was thinking a Oddy. and i can see you have beam? is any kind off beam better the other i mean phaser or what kind ?

My build is what i need. My build right now is more or less random

p.s. i am a space dude not much ground combat if any