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Originally Posted by oelgaard View Post
i was thinking a Oddy. and i can see you have beam? is any kind off beam better the other i mean phaser or what kind ?

My build is what i need. My build right now is more or less random

p.s. i am a space dude not much ground combat if any

Any beam is good, just make sure you stick with one energy type (Too many types drains so much power, lowers your overall dps)

Personally i like Phaser (As it's what the use in the tv series) and it has average DPS. If you can afford a decent set of Tetryon of the exchange, that has bonus shield draining abilities which is also good.

Nanite Disruptors (Expensive on the exchange at the moment) are also effective, if you can afford the EC.

Unless you really want to, i'd avoid plasma (It does have the lowest overall damage, i think)

Good luck!
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