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So I have this galaxy I've been working on trying to squeeze every last bit of DPS out of. Yeah I know they Galaxy isn't suited for it, but thats another discussion. Right now I'm doing about 5600 sustained DPS but I want to shoot for 7k.

Current Loadout:
Wide angle Quantum
Fleet Advanced Phaser [DMG]x3 [Acc]
Fleet Advanced Phaser [DMG]x3 [Acc]
Fleet Advanced Phaser [DMG]x3 [Acc]

Borg Cutting Beam
Fleet Advanced Phaser [DMG]x3 [Acc]
Fleet Advanced Phaser [DMG]x3 [Acc]
Fleet Advanced Phaser [DMG]x3 [Acc]

Yeah I know the advanced fleet weapons suck and I wasted my dilithum on them. I'm trying to figure out a replacement. Also, I want to stick with phasers because....well thats what federation ships use.

So I'm thinking I have a few options. I have this thing setup to grab agro in PvE and tank all day long. With that In mind, I'm thinking of the elite fleet weapons for the shield heal if I can find a fleet willing to let me buy them. There are also the spiral wave disruptors, yeah they aren't phasers, but they look like them and have the disruptor proc.

the way I figure it I have these options.

1. Elite fleet weapons - Shield heal
2. Spiral Wave disruptors - Disruptor Proc
3. Set from the exchange - Phasers with [CrtH]x3 or a combination of [crtH] and [crtd] and getting a couple Mk12 purple phaser consoles.

I have about 100mil EC in the bank right now so I can afford to go with any of those options, but the Spiral Wave option just seams wasteful. I have a galor on another character, but I won't use it on this captain.

Oddly enough option 3 might be my best bet. Anyone have any ideas or opinions on the matter?