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If I good remember some old talks about PvP future (heh), Cryptic was saying that they aim for cross faction PvP. Without FvF/FvK/KvK only C&H and Arena. Sadly without solo/team distinction.

Perhaps we will see something like this in season 9.

But then I think I get heart attack when I see a Klink at my side when I warp in
Geko talks a lot about maintaining Red vs. Blue, however - as evidenced by both FvF and KvK, RvB exists regardless of faction.

Given that Romulans are a "crossfaction" faction, that if they're successful then future factions would likely be handled in the same way. K-Cards, F-Cards, K-Borgs, F-Borgs, etc, etc, etc...just like the K-Roms annd F-Roms.

Will be interesting to see what they have in mind for endgame with S9/S10...
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