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OK! usually at level 30 I get a promotion. go the chancellor and talk to him or someone else a couple of times. This time I reach lvl 30 and it says congratulations captain. But there is no message saying talk to the chancellor. I do talk with him and there is nothing about a promotion. I had to go through about 5 tutorial missions run around like a noob. Which is fine. I complete all the missions. And I am sitting here at lvl 34 wondering when I am going to receive my promotion and new ship?

Did I miss something here. The display shows no mission in progress. I see not where on the map highlighted where I am supposed to go to talk with someone. Now when I talk to the chancellor he says talk to the battle masters to see how I can best serve the Empire????

What did I miss or is this really glitched?????

Also I did check the ship purchaser about a dozen times at the shipyard. Nothing for new ships at all. I am focused on the 80K versions as this is my level. Still nothing!