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06-09-2013, 11:44 PM
The problem with the Tal Shiar uniforms right now is that a different palette is displayed depending on the character/boff. On my Rom Eng you cannot use any purples, palette goes from yellow to blue to black. All the 'core' boffs are the same except Veril, who's palette goes from light blue to blue to purple to black. My Lib Borg Tac has that same palette and so do all of his boffs. It's odd that Satra, Hiven, and Tovan Khev have 1 palette on 1 character and a completely different one on another. Females can't wear gloves but males can, makes no sense.

I've tried to recreate the Commander Janek uniform as much as possible as there are many variants of the Tal Shiar uniform displayed in the game. Depending on what palette displays for you, the combo would be G21, H1, H8, H1 for the top and the H1 all the way around for the belt, pants and boots. They come out looking like this. Hopefully more options and the proper palette will be added/fixed in the future.