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06-10-2013, 08:54 AM
I've gotten this too.

But something has changed over the weekend.

Let me explain...

Prior, whenever my Romulan character beamed down to either the Command Center or the Staging area on New Romulus, i was getting these DirectX errors.

Also, one of my Fed characters, beaming down to the Defera Invasion zone, would get the same thing.

Now, someone found out that a recent MS update, KB2670838, was the culprit for them.

So, I uninstalled this update. And the DirectX errors stopped... BUT

Now, whenever these characters beam down to these zones, the game crashes completely.

When I restart the client, it may stall, and I have to close it out again and start up. The second time usually gets me back in.

I have also found out that even standing around or watching the cutscene videos on New Romulus will also crash the game.