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# 1 PVP as a Romulan
06-10-2013, 10:10 AM
I am currently at Commander (almost to 35). I have yet to PVP on this character.
The q's seem to have players in them, but never fill. However, the part that concerns me is that the q doesn't look right.
Normally the list shows how many fed and kdf players are waiting. However, they all currently show the same as fed vs fed q's and just show how many overall are waiting.

I have asked in game and get no good answers. So is PVP broken for Romulans, does it get better at 50? Should I not bother and just use my Feds when I get the PVP bug?
I was hoping to get some meaningful PVP in while still flying my Valdore, but it looks like my only option to get it would be in challenging fleet mates.

Anyone know what's up?