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06-10-2013, 09:17 AM
Hmm, sounds like a laptop, and one of those that has dual video chips in it. This was done in order to conserve power I believe, after all, why run your high powered graphics chip if all you're doing is working on the desktop. There are some issues with these.

When you load up the launcher, before you enter your password, try clicking Options and selecting safe mode, see if that gets you in. It will look ugly, but then you simply go into your video settings and start turning things up, and possibly find what was causing the issue.

Best I can say is to check out your manufacturers website for drivers or fixes. Google search for your laptop, or similar laptops with similar sounding issues.

Try closing down programs in memory to see if any of them are messing with it. I know Aero on some laptops plays havoc with games. You could try going through NVidia to update your graphics driver separately, but don't quote me on that, I haven't had any experience with these. I have 3 pc's here, all running Nvidia, none of them have issues with sto or anything else I run through it for that matter.

I will say this though, the STO launcher is a fickle beast. A good friend of mine with a similar system to my own, has tried on and off for 12 months to successfully get STO installed, and it never works. About a year back, I couldn't get it to install either, I had to run the launcher in compatibility mode (XP in this case) to get it to do anything. Since then though it hasn't missed a beat on my systems.

Best of luck! Laptop model would help give people more of an idea of what the issue might be too.