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Since I'm still drafting this story (aka improvising and editing as I go along), I haven't worked out everything yet. But so far, below seems to be what's happening:

Hu'ajat and Yu'aji were cloned for a reason. Something is in Reman DNA that is *not* in Romulan DNA or any other species' DNA. Something that makes them different, possibly at a fundamental level. What and why? Not sure yet. Working on that.

T'kav is more than just a Romulan orphan, who currently thinks that she is Hu'ajat's sister (she shouldn't have had anything to drink; whatever drug is being used is dissolved in liquids and imbibed that way). There must be *some* truth to what Hu'ajat has told her, just as there must be *some* truth to what Empress Sela and her minions have told her. What and how much? Not sure yet. I'm guessing that T'kav might've been adopted by her parents, who died in one of the Tal Shiar raids on Virinat. In which case, who are *really* her parents? Working on that too.

Empress Sela is doing whatever she can to obscure things, twisting them this way and that, in the hopes that the information/help that she desires will be revealed. Torture might be more useful, but might damage not only the source of information but any future assistance it may provide. She is willing to play the game of confuse/betray/lie for as long as it takes, provided she gets the results she wants. If Yi'aju/T'kav becoming her heir helps things along, then so be it. Then again, there may be even more to her motives than meets the eye. Never expect a Romulan to be straightforward and trustworthy. Especially the head of the Tal Shiar. (After all, in STO, even D'Tan hasn't revealed all that he knows and all that he's planning for; who knows what lurks in his mind?) The path to a goal is rarely the straightest one.

And that discovered body, supposedly T'kav's? More smoke-and-mirrors? More deception? Perhaps. I haven't started Chapter 5 yet, so I can only go by what my imagination is churning. Hopefully something interesting, surprising, and worth waiting for. It has already surprised me in this story more times than I can count.

Sorry that I don't have anything more definite than that, but I don't want to spoil what comes next for either the reader or for me. I'm not the kind of writer who outlines a story from beginning to end. I prefer to learn as I go. As I if I were a detective investigating a mystery, rather than the all-knowing author writing about it.

Hope this helped somewhat.


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