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# 1 Anyone down for Ferengi RP?
06-10-2013, 07:41 PM
I've created a fleet for Ferengi. There is no fleet building goal, nor is there need for contributions to the fleet bank. Okay, I use it for my overflow, but still...

I want to do RP only. *Maybe* missions, depending. But it seems that there are no RP exclusive fleets out there. I'm thinking along the order of one guy getting behind the bar and the rest of us harassing him. Or possibly working out rules for Tongo and "Playing." We also have a perfectly good Dabo table we can bet over. And let's not forget the importance of debating over contracts.

It isn't what most would call "typical," or STF oriented. But that's the point. There are plenty of fleets that can do STFs or missions or whatever everyone else is doing. This fleet is supposed to be different, and cater to those who think outside the fleet box.

And please, ONLY Ferengi.

If you're interested (and if you believe in the great material continuum), PM me and I will give you my in-game contact info. I would ask that you include your favorite Rule of Acquisition and why it is significant to your RP char.

One other thing -- rank is not relevant. This is RP based, not mission based.