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06-10-2013, 07:52 PM
I see two possible issues here:
1) Yes, those DOffs need to have Resolve in order to fabricate the console from the powered alien artifact. This is why you will see DOffs from other departments. Some assignments require resolve, others require specialties like a botanist, warp core engineer, etc. Some require resilient, others telepathic. Sometimes its security in general and sometimes its a security officer specifically.
2) Have you purchased DOffs from the exchange? You might have bought ones you can't use. If they are KDF DOffs your FED captain can't use them, but the game will allow you to purchase them and they will sit in your roster taking up space.

Edited for typos. Using my phone. Originally the doffs were talking up space, which would require you to have more councilors than usual.
And I think councilors is wrong... Counselors? Councilors?

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