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Originally Posted by ferdzso0 View Post
if there was an exchange on the sb, noone would go anywhere but the fleet starbase (making more people angry, at the way the instance works, as you are always put back to your original place, if no one is staying in the instance of your fleet base
People say that and then they go fail to hang out on their starbase. The instance kick out is a problem for that of course. If it wasn't for needing a security officer once in awhile mind as well hang out on the New Romulus transporter pad. Mail Bank and Exchange there.

People who want to be at a social hub are and those that dont wan't to be aren't. Its not like DS9 being full of ESD/First City crowds would exactly liven the place up in a good way.

Otherwise yeah T2 embassy and the shuttle project hop on over to use the exchange. Excuse me while I sit alone on my Tuffli.

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