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# 28 Server troubles
06-11-2013, 09:25 AM
Sunday I tried to login a dozen times with the same result: "Unable to authenticate". So, naturally I sent in a ticket, Ref# 130609-002086. I received the automated email but nothing since. I am running windows 8, which has its own problems, and I found out I could login to my account on my son's computer, windows 7. This prompted me to consider that maybe my copy could have become corrupt do I deleted it to get an updated copy, what a mistake. Now when I try to download the game the launcher always times out. I can't win for losing. So I tried last night to play the game on my son's computer but the rubber banding was so bad I couldn't target a thing in the PvE I ran, useless. So here I sit, 42 hours later, just reading about other people's server troubles. At least I'm not alone.