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*Earth Orbit, U.S.S. Bunker Hill, parked outside the Manheim Temporal Research Laboratory.

Soval is in the Bunker Hill's massive Hangar below the Runabout Pad as the U.S.S. Yellowstone is lifted down into the bay. He stands and watches as cadets from the Academy are led off the Shuttle and directed to Ores, the ship's Ferengi Operations Officer, who starts to welcome them aboard. He then sees a man wearing a Starfleet Jupiter-5 Service Jacket step off the shuttle, wearing Captain's pips. The man walks over to him before giving Soval a Vulcan salute.*

Ryan: Live Long, and Prosper, Admiral Soval.

*Soval returns the salute.*

Soval: Peace, and long life, Captain.

*The two walk together out of the bay, with Ryan examining every crevice of the ship.*

Your first time aboard an Aventine-Class, Captain?

Ryan: First time aboard any of the Vesta-Classes. On the Victorious, I'm used to big Shuttlebays, but the technology here is just...

Soval: The Bunker Hill is a test-bed for several new combat systems, as well as a conglomeration of older systems such as the Anti-Matter Spread Module. Starfleet wants to know what happens when all this equipment is put in the same place.

The interface technology is - how do humans say it? - bleeding edge... even by the Aventine's standards. Admiral Maddox himself designed the holo-interfaces. This is their first field test.

Ryan: I never thought I'd see you allowing Cadets on a warship.

Soval: You allow families on the Victorious.

Ryan: Only when we're away from the Front. These cadets could be called upon to make themselves part of the crew at any moment should Task Force Omega need you out there.

Soval: Admiral Quinn made a logical argument, that I could not oppose.

Ryan: What was that?

Soval: "If the cadets don't learn to handle the most hi-tech equipment now, they'll be at a disadvantage against the Tholians".

Ryan: Great...

So, war with them is likely?

Soval: If the war with the Klingons ends soon, then yes. The Tholians are making their presence known on Nukara Prime and in the Azure Nebula. They are proving to increase in aggressiveness.

I was intrigued to learn that the Victorious was at Earth Spacedock. I was under the impression you were going to be charting the Rolor Nebula for another Month.

Ryan: New orders. We're heading out to Pi Canus later this week. Some True Way Legate decided to sneak around and start a brush-fire. Command wants it put out, and wants to know how the True Way got that far out of Cardassian Territory.
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