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06-11-2013, 12:32 PM
Please feel free to visit We are a Star Trek Online Role Play Community that would be happy to welcome any forum RP, Journals or Stories you guys may want to post. The site is brand new but we are growing and always looking for old and new RPers to come in and join with us!

*Edit: This is not a fleet advertisement. Holodeck RP is for all fleets and factions. We are a RP community. Apparently the moderators here do not know what that is, so I felt I would clarify. Anyways! Good luck with the guld, I am @Doresainbane if you guys ever need a criminal around!*
Looking for a Star Trek Online Role Play Community? Check out The Holodeck RP webpage! The Cartel a KDF faction RP / PVE Crime Syndicate The Cartel Fleet. join "The Cartel Underworld" channel to get in touch with us.

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