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I know you're the lead artist, but I've always wondered - do you do strictly environments, buildings, etc., or do you also do stuff like item pictures, ship textures and that stuff? The thought came up earlier today when I was thinking "It would be strange if they added a taco food item to the game. I wonder if Tacofangs makes the pictures for those, it would be like drawing the death of his own species."

P.S. Not sure if it will help here, but could you ask someone to put Voporak@voporak and R'Mel N'Mev@tazurensavulen back in Beta Ursae sector block? We found a way to fly out of it and our games crash when we try to log onto our characters, who are stuck out there... thanks. On that note, you'll probably want to fix the entrance to Sirius so people can't get over the top of the wall like we did.
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