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06-11-2013, 12:49 PM
Originally Posted by jexsamx View Post
And time spent on, say, bugfixes, is time not spent on endgame content. And time spent on endgame content is time not spent on gameplay balance passes. And time spent on balance passes is time not spent on crafting. And time spent on crafting is time not spent on exploration. And so on, and so forth, until you're left with the inevitable truth that no matter where you put the time now, someplace else always needs it too.

Time spent anywhere is time not spent on something else. This is obvious. The question is, what needs that time, when does it need it, and what can be done around it by other people in other departments. For instance, a tutorial revamp does not necessarily require costume guys or all of your bugfix guys, so these things can go on alongside the revamp.

The fact is, the Fed tutorial has every reason to be brought up to par with at least the new KDF tutorial. It's a matter of quality presentation as much as any other thing they could go fix, and this is the one new players are most likely to notice being bad out of the gate. So, it needs to be attended to, if not necessarily before more important things like exploration and crafting.
And, in fact, the KDF tutorial was redone by somebody who doesn't even normally work for Cryptic, and was brought in on a contract basis to do that work; Matt "Positron" Miller, formerly in charge of City of Heroes after the Paragon/Cryptic split.

I'm sure there was some small amount of resources needed to support Matt's fantastic work, but it appears to me from outside looking in that most of that stuff is using the new tools that were being added for this release anyway. I think the story may even have been based on notes Gozer left.