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06-11-2013, 02:45 PM
depends on your budget

tomshardware guide is prety good, if anything i'd lean towards an nvidia card rather than an AMD card I think for compatible hardware the nvidia drivers and software is a bit better.

GTX670's are great cards but still kinda costly even after recent price drops. anything above this really is not worth the extra cost.

HD7850 is a good card, gets you 256bit DDR5 for less $ another good thing about this card is that it only requires one extra power cable. means it's good on power and easy to crossfire later if you want to.

I own both of these. yeah sad I know I have 3 PC's, a laptop and I even have a new HD7870 sitting around doing nothing.

GTX650TI seems like a good budget card

the reality is STO generally is not that demanding.