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06-11-2013, 03:03 PM
Ive read through a lot of these and there have been quite a few STF experiences. I have a bunch that are non-STF, but to keep with the trend i will give you my Cure (elite) story. I started with F2P about a year ago and as soon as i leveled high enough i have been doing the STFs. I started on normal, learn the ropes and move to elite. So by the time i get there i am capable. I have also learned my role when flying my assault cruiser with my lvl 50 engineer. I hit as hard as i can but mostly i back up the ships doing the real DPS. As a matter of fact that is the moral of this story, i may not have bite but i know how to stay alive.

Any way i PUG in and we jump right in. I never took the time to notice the other ships, i just hit my abilities, targeted the cube and started shooting. I realized it felt wrong when it took forever to drop the first cube and two spheres but i still wasn't taking the hint. Second cube went down and then there were folks who did not seem to know the 10% rule and we lost the optional almost right away. Now thats bad enough but i still did not notice the real issue. I fly around like a mad engineer hitting my group with engineering teams and extend shields and i think im doing ok but i cant seem to keep anyone alive long enough to do any real damage and it seems to take forever. I STILL DONT GET IT. Finally its over, i am wiped and totally disappointed and for some reason i notice it, we were all engineers. Now no disrespect. I love my engineer. But seriously you can not PUG a group full of them, you will never get the job done.