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06-12-2013, 02:26 AM
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Never gonna happen.


I had so much fun yesterday with PESTF. there was some dude who was smashing another, for blowing up a gen in ISE when the others were 50% because thats not how things are done (mind you from what I can tell, optional was not lost either). the best part in that tho, is that there were ppl who pretty much supported him that this was a stupid thing to do... lol
- there that was the worst experience of mine lately apart from the fact that I lag nowadays, and we missed the opt one time, as one dude went ahead destroying gens before the cube and my constant disconnects

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I love my engineer. But seriously you can not PUG a group full of them, you will never get the job done.
O.o... but... I mean... you can... you know... science and eng... never mind, I dunno how to respond
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