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06-12-2013, 04:12 AM

They are working on some new "Duty officer thing", they may bring the Tuffli Class Freighter back for that.

Account Based Reputation: Doesn't believe they will ever make it Account Bound, but there may be other solutions to alleviate the amount of effort needed.

Account Based Lobi: Not a snowballs chance in "insert place of choice".

GalX/DD turn rate adjustments: Up to Geko.

Ship Crew Mechanic revamp: Up to Geko.

Picard Maneuver added: Up to Geko.

The Foundry:
Waiting for Neverwinter launch, after they launch STO team is going to be looking to port as many of the NW foundry features as possible back to STO. Might be looking at that for next Season. Programmer time have been scheduled to see what can be brought back to STO.

Duty Officer System
"Making the biggest investment to DOFF system for the next season". "Really make DOFF a much more compelling and deep part of the game".

Looking at adding Exchange, Mail, DOFF system, Fleet Holdings and Reputation to the Gateway. Sticking with web interface for now (No mobile app planned).

Crafting. Would like to dust off crafting proposals and take a good look at crafting and decide what it is supposed to be for Season 9.

More holdings on the schedule after the Dilithium Mine.

Additional LTS sub benefits: Coming in Season 10, tied in to existing rewards. Wants to continue to develop features which benefits subscribers because there's quite a few of them.

Working on getting more Star Trek actors to lend voice talents in the game.

Federation tutorial revamp is happening.

Season 9 will be around Season 6 or 7 in scope.