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06-12-2013, 12:08 PM
My one big request as Cryptic looks at a Fed tutorial is to allow tutorial replay.

My feeling on this is that the tutorial (and other, very novel) events could grow out of improving the Gateway Planet into a social zone like New Romulus.

Perhaps an explanation could be made that it's perhaps our one great counterweapon to the Iconian gateways.

It could do for STO what the (IMHO excellent) Caverns of Time did for WoW in terms of opening up content/designs and as opposed to making unrelated time travel missions. I don't think Cryptic or players will ever resist the temptation to go back to the Time Travel well. But by having it centered on a geographic game location, you have one out for keeping it from flooding the game by centralizing all future time travel around a hub.

A key thing IMHO for MMOs should be, "If you want something, you should know where to go to get it."

I'd like the different enemy groups to have distinct loot tables. (Ie. drop their weapon type and reasonable food types.) I'd like for the empires to be geographically distinct (they are as is, really) but also certain plot elements to be geographically distinct.

I think this means probably doing more with Borg space or relocating the Borg content to the mostly empty sector block around Iconia. Ideally, I think each sector block should have a Deferi Invasion/Nukara/New Romulus/Nimbus adventure zone. (Or three if lore supports it. I'd like Earth to get San Francisco, Paris, or New Orleans, Vulcan to get its capital, Risa, a Rura Penthe zone, etc.)

But I really like the idea of Trek story elements getting zones. The planet with all the Time Travel. The planet of the Holodecks. The planet where transporters are buggy. If there's a Trek experience you want, you may be able to get it elsewhere but there's a reliable place for it.