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OOC: Let the Shadows make the first move. I have an absolutely explosive endgame in mind.

You'll see.

*Siraga and Arthur walk towards the two.*

Siraga: We're not ready for a war. If the Shadows return in full force, it will take the Guardians to stop them, and many of us have still not returned from the barrier.

Arthur: But, Siraga, didn't you train me to fight Shadows, without giving me the Guardian gene?

Siraga: True, but you had Excalibur.

Arthur: You can prepare several races for this coming war the same way you prepared me for Mordred's assault.

*Siraga nods.*

Very well.

*Ryan, Se'dan, Tokra and Taraka arrive and Siraga speaks to the full group.*

In the first and second Shadow Wars, aeons ago, when our ancient races were young, the Shadows did not use disciples to attack us. Shadows and Guardians directly fought one another.

After the third war, the Shadows went into hiding. In the meantime, many of the ancient Empires collapsed, such as mine and the Shedai. Most of the remaining Guardians either went into self-imposed exile, hiding, or beyond the Galactic Rim. My partner and I were the only ones remaining to watch over this Galaxy, while the Shadows consolidated their control over Andromeda, as gods. When she... perished... I was the only one remaining.

2000 years ago, the Shadows began moving again, but slowly. Mor'dred, known to humans as "Mordred", inhabited the body of a human and slowly raised an army, all under his will. Some were other Shadows inhabiting Human hosts, others were transformed by Mordred, and the rest already had the power inside.

Ryan: You mean the Guardian gene occurred naturally on Earth?

Siraga: It is why Earth was such a strategically important point during the wars. We saw your people becoming another Guardian Race.

Arthur: Magic was commonplace in my time. Shunned, but common. Warlocks refrained from revealing their powers because of the threat of execution for witchcraft.

Siraga: And over centuries, those with the gene were exterminated. Until recently, the gene has never been strong enough in a survivor to become active.

As Mordred's army grew, Camelot became a beacon of prosperity and peace, even to "magic".

Sensing the conflict coming, I forged Ex'cali'bur to aid Arthur in the battle. It is forged from an Iconian metal that is immune to the Twilight force, and channels it.

I encoded the sword with Arthur's DNA pattern so only he could wield it.

There isn't much of the metal left in the Milky Way... but among my people...

Ryan: Taragi may be able to forge weapons against the Shadows there.

Siraga: It has to made with a certain method, and only a few forge-masters knew of it. The knowledge was lost after the Exodus, save for myself and Taraka.

Taraka: Our staffs are made from the metal.

Siraga: Assuming the Shadows bring weapons, we'll need them also, but they never did in the war. These weapons would serve to bring balance so the younger races may fight.

Ryan: You should start with the Iconians and Prometheans. As older races, they'll know more about the Shadows than the others.

They'll also be better prepared.

Taraka: I'll find Tal. He has experience with the Prometheans. He can train them to fight.

Se'dan: I shall prepare the Dominion and Klingon Empire for war.

Ryan: I'll continue to train Sam... if I can find her.

Siraga: I shall prepare the Iconians and have them start producing weapons.

Sinclaire, as you have more experience with the humans, I'd ask you to prepare the Federation and Republic.

Tokra: To Andromeda, with Allen, I shall go. Locate any Shadow follower planets, we shall.

Arthur: And what of me?

Ryan: I'll start looking for Sam at DS61. Come with me. Once we're there, you can start training them to fight.

Arthur: Aye.

*Ryan and Arthur vanish together, as does Taraka, with Se'dan following behind, leaving Sinclaire, Allen, Tokra and Siraga.*

Siraga: Are you ready?
Sinclaire: very well. I will go and speak to them and start to prepare them for the coming conflict.Also i do believe tal is already with jacob and the prometheans
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