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# 1 why people dont do ground pvp
06-12-2013, 03:58 PM
kits ! kits kits kits ! the devs should really try to play as a scientist against an engineer, our skills take like an eternity to activate, the medic kit is the worse, id you keep healing yourself, youe right hand wont be on the trigger, you just wont do damage, skills allready take too long to be activated on the tray, i just have to press like 30 times to activate them, and then, well my toon just keeps touching his little arm-screen for ages -.-

scientist kits are very stupid, the skill mix makes no sense, electro gravitic field should be with stasis field together, biofilter sweep and hyposprays are useless unless you use a gorn for the troll, stasis field says 5 seconds hold but it is like half of a second, only skills i find any usefull are tachyon harmonics with sonic pulse combo, exotermic field and hyperonic radiation plus a stun pistol combo

you just cant beat a good tac ( tacs are not that hard ) or a good eng with enemy neutralization, at least i can't, i tryed everything, and the power cells plus combat subroutine are not enough, dampening field sucks since we can not hold the target, and nanoprobe is quite weak in 1vs1, why ? our kits are all messed up ! we need desperately to be able to customize our kits, i can do a skill set in my boffs much better than those non sense kits i can use
i have all the ground sets mk xii, including jem hadar, 2 fleet complete sets and ev suit, respec'd 3 times and still dont get the pew, help me here ... or at least, try to fight kirby if you dont like your screen or your keyboard, ive tryed tons of bindings, i have a gaming mouse and the kit skills are binded to mouse buttons, but still can't find the breach !!!


with customizable kits people would be much more interested in ground pvp, i heard the devs were allready looking into it, and they might find it a problem to create a new kit system, but thats not needed, just keep the kits, each one with one permanent level 4 or something, just to not let different kits to have the same exact skills, and the other 3 of our choice, something like that is not that hard to do ... leaving the romulan kits the same, with 5 skills ... feedback

by the way ... screw you transphasic bomb plus orbital strike ;(
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